Myrtle Beach Activities | Jack's Surf Lessons & Board Rentals
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Myrtle Beach Activities

Myrtle Beach Activities

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons


Experience the ocean in a whole new way.  Surfing, one of the first Hawaiian leisure sports, is now a mainstream hobby to many folks who live near the coast.  For us here at Jack’s, surfing is a way of life. We welcome you to be a part of it.

Myrtle Beach Stand-up Paddleboarding


Stand-up Paddle Boarding originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. With SUP as the fastest growing water sport in the nation, come experience our beautiful coastal waters in an innovative new way! Paddle boarding offers the ability to cruise on a wave like traditional surfing or explore the calmer waters of the inlet where you are guaranteed to get a taste of South Carolina’s diverse wildlife. While paddling, expect to see everything from large exotic birds, loggerhead sea turtles, and even dolphins. For paddlers with experience or none at all, this is a great way to venture out.

Myrtle Beach Kayaking, Myrtle Beach Guided Kayak Tours


Discover Myrtle Beach in a whole new way. Kayaking is both easy to learn and also exciting for new and experienced paddlers. Both tours and rentals are available. The tours take place in the calmer waters of the inlet while rentals can be taken in the ocean as well.