Meet the Staff

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One of our greatest assets here at Jack’s is our incredible staff of surf instructors, paddleboard guides and kayak guides. Without them we wouldn’t be so awesome! Our staff is not only well trained, CPR/First Aid Certified, and ridiculously good looking, but they’re also a load of fun! So here, why don’t you meet them…

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Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Tara Porcelli

Random Facts: I’ve studied marketing at Coastal Carolina University for three years now and the question, “so what do you want to do after you graduate?” still stumps me. In a perfect world, becoming a pro surfer and traveling the world would be something I’d like to pursue.


Surfing Background: I first stood up on a board when I was 10 years old. However, because transportation was an issue at the time, I was not able to continue to surf. I picked it back up a few years ago and have been surfing ever since!


Favorite Part about Surfing: My favorite part about surfing is the feeling you get when riding a wave. It is unlike any feeling in the world and by far the best feeling I have ever experienced. Being out in the ocean is a beautiful thing.


Why I Love Teaching Surf Lessons: I really enjoy teaching surf lessons because it is an extremely rewarding job. Being able to see the look on people’s faces after they catch their first wave is amazing. A smile speaks a thousand words!

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Nick Zaitsev

Random Facts: I am half Russian. Another would be my middle name is Ryder because my dad wanted me to ride horses but instead I ended up riding surf boards. A final fact is I always surf springmaid pier and never thought I would end up working there doing what I love.


Surfing Background: I started 5 years ago when I started surfing with some new friends. I learned by just getting out there and having fun. As time passed I began taking surfing a lot more serious, as a competitive sport.


Favorite thing about surfing is definitely being out on the water and being able to just lose myself in the waves.


Why love teaching: I love teaching surf lessons because it lets me pass on the amazing feeling of surfing to others and lets them enjoy the ocean just as much as I did when I first started. I also love teaching surf lessons because I can wake up in the morning and look forward to work. I really enjoy seeing the happiness on others faces when they stand up on their first wave.


Braydon Obremski

Hello, I’m Braydon Obremski. I enjoy short walks on the beach, cheese cake and the occasional game of hopscotch. 8 just happens to be my favorite number. I also enjoy working out, golfing and I am an aspiring harpist who dabbles on the guitar in my free time.


My favorite part about surfing is the feeling of being on a good wave, there is nothing else that compares. I love the shear power of the ocean and its beauty.


My favorite part about teaching surf lessons is seeing the joy on someone’s face when they catch their first wave. Its awesome to be able to share the same excitement I have for surfing with others.

Andrew Szmit

I grew up in New Hampshire, and lived in Maui Hawaii for 6 years. I love to be near the water, especially the beach. I moved to North Myrtle Beach after visiting for 8 years because I am a Shark tooth fossil Hunter. I am a home owner, a father, and a people person. I am passionate about people, all water sports, and keeping fit.
My new favorite food is corn on the cob with butter and mayonnaise. Used to be Maine lobster and steam clams. The best thing I have ever done is a toss up… 1. Living in Maui Hawaii for 6 years, 2. Bunji jumping 250 feet at night off the Ball Mountain Damn in Vermont, and 3. Rollerblading down the 28 mile road from the top of Haleakala Crater (volcano) on Maui… Under a full moon!


My favorite part about surfing is the feeling of being on a good wave, there is nothing else that compares. I love the shear power of the ocean and its beauty.


My favorite part about teaching surf lessons is seeing the joy on someone’s face when they catch their first wave. Its awesome to be able to share the same excitement I have for surfing with others.

Dalton Delp

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC and have lived here for over 21 years. I spend most of my time in the water whether it’s in the ocean or in a pool. Currently residing in Myrtle Beach in hopes of graduating with a degree in Political Science at Coastal Carolina University.


My favorite surf spot is the Folly Beach fishing pier, home of the cleanest long board waves along the east coast. I myself have never lived more than 10 miles away from the beach and hope to keep it that way. I live to be in the water and would not be able to survive in a landlocked environment.


Delivering pizzas and flowers are only my part-time hobbies. Truth is that teaching Surf Lessons is a strong passion and I take it very seriously.


Random facts about me? Gyros and watermelon are my favorite foods. I once speared a 30 lb sheep heads head, 60ft down off Charleston Tug Shipwreck, and I’ve had a scar on my nose since I was four.

Noah Tueni

I am 16, but don’t let that fool you! For me, being in the ocean and surfing is my escape and where I truly have peace… I was born and raised in South Carolina. My passions in life are, surfing, soccer, and being able to to learn/see new cultures and places.


Random facts about me? My favorite food is jerk chicken. The coolest thing I’ve ever done was cliff diving in Nova Scotia, and as much as I hate heights I love teaching surf!

Sam Vehorn

Hello i’m Sam and I’m 20 years old and I’m from Richmond Virginia. I love to surf, snowboard, kayak, fish, and skateboard. I’m a Junior at Coastal Carolina University studying Marine Science and I’m currently the president of the CCU Surf club.


I actively surf the east coast all year round,I have a passion for chasing waves from Florida to OBX 12 months of the year. I’ve been surfing since 6th grade, my local break is Kitty Hawk, NC and my favorite surfing memory was surfing Hurricane Irene in Virginia beach at 12ft.


My favorite food is South Carolina BBQ. A random fact about myself is that I’m half Vietnamese and love NASCAR. The coolest experience I’ve ever had was one time when 13 of my best friends and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica over college spring break and charge some of the best waves of my life.

Tim Donovan

I’m from Tampa Florida. Fishing and surfing are my life’s passions, really just anything to do with the water. I moved up here with my family around 7 years ago, and now I am striving to become a commercial Fisherman.


The most exciting thing I have ever done is the time I took a surf trip to coco beach Florida and surfed 12 – 14 foot waves. Some of the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed! My favorite food would have to be anything sea food.

Ryan Smith

I’m from Richmond, VA, and I go to James Madison University. I’ll be living in Myrtle this summer because you can not beat a summer at the beach!


I’m majoring in Management, but haven’t quite decided what I want to do in the future. Currently I own a bow tie company and i’m enjoying every second of it. I’m super excited to live at the beach this summer because being by the ocean is peaceful and relaxing. And I get to teach and share my passion for surf.

Jake Krieger

Hello my name is Jake Krieger, I am 19 years old and go to school at Coastal Carolina. I am from Poquoson, Va it’s a small coastal town a little north of Virginia Beach.


My father introduced me to surfing and fishing at a young age, and being right next to the water turned into my favorite hobby. I am passionate about the ocean, not only do I have plenty of hands on experience with learning the local tides & currents… but I have also been certified as a beach life guard. I’m so passionate about this that I’ve decided to pursue Marine Science as my major.


Random facts about me? My Favorite food is steak and seafood. The coolest thing I’ve done is gone cliff jumping in Mexico. And I’m on the Coastal Carolina Surf Club.

Hunter Fiuzat

Hunter Fiuzat is an award winning international oceanic photographer from Outer Banks, NC. He is currently working on his bachelors degree in marine science at Coastal Carolina University here in Myrtle Beach. Having spent several years capturing the ocean’s beauty around the world, Hunter enjoys seeing and sharing the ocean’s natural art, with those around him, as well as enjoying getting to meet new people who share a love for the sea just as much as he does.