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Meet the Staff

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons


One of our greatest assets here at Jack’s is our incredible staff of surf instructors, paddleboard guides and kayak guides. Without them we wouldn’t be so awesome! Our staff is not only well trained, CPR/First Aid Certified, and ridiculously good looking, but they’re also a load of fun! So here, why don’t you meet them…

Myrtle Beach Paddle Board Rentals, Myrtle Beach Paddleboarding

Cameron Lidard

Random fact: I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell


Surfing background: I started surfing when I was 9 years old. Jack was the one that taught me and got me in to it.


Favorite thing about surfing: it’s so peaceful and let’s me be one on one with the ocean and let’s me get things off my mind and have fun


Why love teaching: I get so stoked when I see someone stand up and just be so happy.

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Nick Zaitsev

Random Facts: I am half Russian. Another would be my middle name is Ryder because my dad wanted me to ride horses but instead I ended up riding surf boards. A final fact is I always surf springmaid pier and never thought I would end up working there doing what I love.


Surfing Background: I started 5 years ago when I started surfing with some new friends. I learned by just getting out there and having fun. As time passed I began taking surfing a lot more serious, as a competitive sport.


Favorite thing about surfing is definitely being out on the water and being able to just lose myself in the waves.


Why love teaching: I love teaching surf lessons because it lets me pass on the amazing feeling of surfing to others and lets them enjoy the ocean just as much as I did when I first started. I also love teaching surf lessons because I can wake up in the morning and look forward to work. I really enjoy seeing the happiness on others faces when they stand up on their first wave.

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Trey White

I do not like pickles.


I started surfing when I was six and have been ever since.


My favorite part of surfing is catching waves.


I love teaching surf lessons because I love experiencing and being apart of people riding their first wave.

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Lance Poe

Randomness: I am twenty years old and have lived in Myrtle Beach my entire life. I’m a geology major at Clemson University. I have a fish birthmark on my left shoulder so I’m either destined to be aqua man or to get eaten by a shark (probably not during a lesson so chill), either way I get on the news.


Surf History: My dad was pushing me into ankle high waves not long after I learned to swim, so around age 5. I didn’t really get into surfing though until I was in middle school, where I entered a few contests and probably improved the most with my surfing. Lately I have been mostly just enjoying the days the waves are good and surfing for the fun of it.
Favorite part of surfing: I enjoy surfing because it’s a lot of fun and is also a nice reflection time for me. When I surf it gives me the time to contemplate on the things that are going on in my life, it calms my mind.


Love of lessons: I just like to teach people things, it’s always a great feeling when I give someone a minor tip during a surf lesson and it ends up making a world of difference

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Tara Porcelli

Random Facts: I’ve studied marketing at Coastal Carolina University for three years now and the question, “so what do you want to do after you graduate?” still stumps me. In a perfect world, becoming a pro surfer and traveling the world would be something I’d like to pursue.


Surfing Background: I first stood up on a board when I was 10 years old. However, because transportation was an issue at the time, I was not able to continue to surf. I picked it back up a few years ago and have been surfing ever since!


Favorite Part about Surfing: My favorite part about surfing is the feeling you get when riding a wave. It is unlike any feeling in the world and by far the best feeling I have ever experienced. Being out in the ocean is a beautiful thing.


Why I Love Teaching Surf Lessons: I really enjoy teaching surf lessons because it is an extremely rewarding job. Being able to see the look on people’s faces after they catch their first wave is amazing. A smile speaks a thousand words!

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Julie Cippon

I love energy drinks, especially Monster. You will know who I am when you walk up, because i’ll have one in my hand at all times.


I’ve been surfing for about 6 years now, started out in New Jersey when I was 15, and now I’m a myrtle beach local at age 21. Because of moving down south, I can finally surf year round, since the water is so much warmer. Technically I moved down here for school, but honestly I just wanted to be closer to the beach! I ride a 5’6″ sharp-eye short board, and I love it to pieces. And for the last two years I’ve been able to make surfing my job too, which makes my summers pretty awesome.


My favorite part about surfing would probably be that its my get away from everything that may not be going well. once I paddle out, i leave my problems in the sand and my only worry is catching the next wave I see.


I love to teach surf lessons for many reasons. Of course there are always the obvious ones, like getting an awesome tan, and work in the sand in a awesome environment, but their is so much more to it. Everyone who works at Jacks is awesome and super fun to work with, but also I love to show people how great surfing is, and why we all love it so much.

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Matt Mendhelson

I’ve played rugby in 3 countries. I was on the Coastal Carolina 2009 national championship team. I’ve surfed in New Zealand, Australia n Northern Cali. And I love to teach surfing bc I love that moment and look on someone’s face when they finally get it. Spreading stoke spreads smiles. Surfing teaches a healthy respect for nature and the ocean.

Myrtle Beach Surf School, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

Cody Spearman

I’m in college at The Citadel. I didn’t like cream cheese until I was in high school. Before college I traveled with a band out of Nashville doing merchandising.

The first time I caught a wave I was about six years old. Lance, (who is another instructor) his dad taught me how to surf. I’ve surfed in South Carolina North Carolina Florida and California. My family lives in California so I surf there every year. My favorite place to surf is Huntington Beach.

I’ve been teaching surf lessons for three years, my favorite part of teaching is being able to experience somebody’s first wave with them. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they learn something new never gets old.


Braydon Obremski

Hello, I’m Braydon Obremski. I enjoy short walks on the beach, cheese cake and the occasional game of hopscotch. 8 just happens to be my favorite number. I also enjoy working out, golfing and I am an aspiring harpist who dabbles on the guitar in my free time.


My favorite part about surfing is the feeling of being on a good wave, there is nothing else that compares. I love the shear power of the ocean and its beauty.


My favorite part about teaching surf lessons is seeing the joy on someone’s face when they catch their first wave. Its awesome to be able to share the same excitement I have for surfing with others.

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