Myrtle Beach Activities Guide – Part 2 of 2

Myrtle Beach Activities, Myrtle Beach Surfing

Myrtle Beach Activities Guide – Part 2 of 2

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

With Myrtle Beach at it’s busiest for the next two months, there are a few things that you should know before you go. From a lifelong local, here are a couple things to improve your stay here in Myrtle Beach.

1. Plan Ahead

Easier said than done but this simple provision can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. With Myrtle Beach’s peak season being late June to early September, be sure to book your trip well in advance. Hotels aren’t the only things hard to come by. Coming from someone who owns a tourism based business (Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals) we book up all the time and days in advance. If you want the best experience, map it out, plan it, and then show up! It’s that easy.

2. Be Honest With Your Interests

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Before you plan your vacation on Myrtle Beach activities that others insist your family will enjoy, sit down and think hard about what you and your crew want your trip to be, then follow your own itinerary. Most people get caught up planning the trip they think they ought to want, rather than the trip they actually want. Sounds silly to say but if you rarely set foot in a museum, why plan a trip with museum after museum? A lack of self-awareness can lead to, among other things, relying on recommendations from people with very different tastes. Your trip, your experience.

3. Don’t Fall Into The Tourist Traps

While any fish can bite a lure in an overpopulated fish bowl, it’s best to study before taking a chomp. With the influx of travelers in Myrtle Beach during spring and summer you must be careful of the clever “too good to be true” advertising. A shiny lure may mean there’s a catch. Beach wear stores are notorious for lines like “nothing over $4.99*” “Free Hermit Crab*” and “Going Out of Business, Everything Must Go”. Then watch out for other businesses that seem to be too inexpensive for what they are offering. Most of the time there’s a hidden fee or two. These places will EAT your pockets.

4. Don’t Always Follow The Crowd

Another common mistake is to let a crowd depict how good something is. Many times I see the less than average restaurants in Myrtle Beach busier than the better restaurants simply because “a crowd draws a crowd.” 9 times out of 10, in the tourism industry, the companies spending the most on advertising are often the ones compensating for their lack of customer satisfaction. Take into consideration that just because a place is crowded doesn’t make it good. When it comes to restaurants the best way to beat a crowd is a reservation.

5. Take A Look At The Reviews

Myrtle Beach Activities, What To Do In Myrtle BeachOne of the biggest and most avoidable mistakes one can make on a Myrtle Beach vacation is to go in blind. With plenty of review sites now a days (TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+, even Facebook) there’s no excuse to not take a gander. Take a look at what real people are saying about their very real travel experiences. If you are iffy about scheduling something with a company, pull up their reviews online with one of the many non-biased review sites. As almost every business aims to please and arouse their customers, some are just around to take your money. These will be the ones to avoid and the reviews will tell you that. Trust the thousands of others that have gone before you and chartered the unknown. As a guideline for choosing Myrtle Beach activities, look for companies that have been recognized by TripAdvisor and awarded with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, just as we have here!

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