Adventurous Myrtle Beach Summer Gift Ideas for Dads, Grads, and Newlyweds

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Adventurous Myrtle Beach Summer Gift Ideas for Dads, Grads, and Newlyweds

Some of us call it home, and some come on vacation to Myrtle Beach to celebrate a big life event. Whether it be graduation, a honeymoon, or the special day we know as Fathers Day there’s no denying the endless opportunities to experience while here in Myrtle Beach.  The question often becomes… how do we celebrate the person that means so much to me so that they’ll never forget it.  Answer: Give the gift of a Myrtle Beach ADVENTURE! Here is five of our adventurous ideas from our family to yours.

1. For the Adventurer Who Wants to Experience the Calm Side of the Ocean

myrtle beach south carolina paddleboard and kayak tours

The Light of the Setting Sun, the Calm Ripples of the Inlet

Here at Jack’s Surf Lessons we are all about making memories. With the paddleboard and kayak tours offered here you are always in for an adventure. All of our tours are great for families to bond, laugh and learn together, for making new friends by sharing interests while experiencing the Myrtle Beach wildlife together as well as for newlyweds who are looking for the sense of adventure while keeping the romance alive. No matter what group you are a part of, we can assure you that it will be nothing short of a wild time.

The Myrtle Beach kayak and stand up paddleboard tours we offer are truly unique not only because of where you go, but who you go with.  Jack’s guides are second to none with an expert understanding of the flourishing ecology and marine life.  All of Jack’s tours are 2 hours long and take place on the enchanting Waccamaw River in a nature preserve. Jack’s tour guides love where they live and they love exploring these locations with you.

No two tours are the same.  Our guides have an extensive knowledge about the location you are experiencing as well as on the wildlife that will surround you. On tours we have been known to see and interact with a variety of birds, fish, reptile species, and other incredible local inhabitants. You’re in the best of hands.

Our brand new paddleboard/kayak hybrids were hand selected to give you the most comfortable, versatile and enjoyable trips all while keeping you safe. You can actually switch half way down the river if you are tired of standing, and easily turn your paddleboard into a kayak.  All of our equipment is provided for you from life jackets and paddles to boards and boats so all you have to do is show up.



2. For the Water Adventurer Ready to Shred Out on Their Own

Discover a Wavestrom Surfboard

You just finished an awesome surf lesson at Jack’s and the board you were shredding waves on made your first time seem effortless. You know you want to continue to practice so the next time you come down to Myrtle Beach you can dive right into the ocean, but, you need to get your own gear.

This amazing 8ft Wavestorm surfboard is the board for you and all your adventurous loved ones! It’s an incredible board for beginners to learn and practice on.  As a professional in the category, I would choose this board over any other soft top board. You could spend upwards of $400 on an equivelant and still not get the best.  You may find this board at your local Costco if it’s in season, or on Amazon here.

The greatest thing about this board is that even for the low price you still get the best quality in a beginner surfboard. Don’t let the price tag make you think anything less, guaranteed this will be one of the funnest surfboards you ever plant your feet on.  The extra volume throughout (height, width, thickness) gives you the added bouyancy you need to catch plenty of surf.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the sport, the most important thing as a neophite surfer is to catch tons of waves.  With the extra bouyancy your wave count will be through the roof making this one of the best tools available to up your game in the water. Great quality and great price makes for a gnarley gift don’t you think?! We wouldn’t steer you wrong.


3. For the Ocean Adventurer Who Wants to Keep Exploring

         Mopeds Are So Last Season – Go in Style with an Electric Bike

When you want to spend time out of the water but you still have that hunger for adventure on land in Myrtle Beach, check out Pedego Electric Bikes right up the road in the oh so quaint Market Commons area. These bikes make exploring Myrtle Beach fun and you get great exercise! Let’s face it, mopeds are so last season while electric bikes are stylish, trending and on the rise. Enjoying Pedego Electric Bikes allows for you to see Myrtle Beach in a way like no other.

You can take these bikes for a loop around the lake or even race them on the beach. No need to feel like you have to pedal all the time either because at the push of a button you can set the bike on cruise and let it do all the work. No need to leave any children out either! Pedego Electric Bikes have a special tow attachment that will give your little ones the ride of a lifetime that’s guaranteed to leave both of you laughing and smiling the whole trip. They are great to use for father-daughter or mother-daughter dates! To access these super awesome bikes you can give Pedego Electric Bikes of Myrtle Beach a call at 843-602-6941. 



4. Experience Myrtle Beach Up Close and Standing to a Surf Lesson 

springmaid pier myrtle beach surf lessons board rentals

Ride the Waves – Experience the Thrill of White Water

When asked “why is Jack’s Surf Lessons the best surf experience money can buy in Myrtle Beach?”, the answer is simple: experience and passion. Here at Jack’s our staffs greatest priority is for every guests to have a top notch experience and to get you up and riding. From what others are saying about us, our customer service is second to none.

Here’s the thing, we don’t want you to ever forget that time you learned to surf in Myrtle Beach with your friends, family or loved one so we do everything we can to make it one of a kind. Our staff of trained professionals has a fail proof method for teaching the art of surfing that guarantees you will be riding waves in no time. They want to do anything they can to make sure you are taken care of and will provide with the instruction and confidence needed to be safe but have a blast. It’s all about the memories made, the laughter shared, and the experience had.

For every adventure there typically comes a price. Instead, make it a gift. A surprise. For the adventurer in your family give them the gift of an experience. Surprise a grad by giving the gift of a surfing lesson. A Father’s Day spent on the water. Or your newlywed’s a sunset kayak or paddle board tour. Whatever adventure you chose, let us handle the hard parts.


5. For the Adventurer Who Wants to Sit Back and Be One with Nature

myrtle beach kayak one with nature tour

There is nothing like an evening in Myrtle Beach on the water.  If you haven’t seen the sun set over the cypress tree lined waccamaw river it’s something you have to do at least once in your life.  There’s truly no better place to breathe in the sweet southern air. Our Myrtle Beach Sunset Tours are available on kayaks and paddleboards. On these tours you will travel through the serene settings of the ever-winding Buckskin Creek which we like to call “Narnia.”  You will feel lost in the awe of nature itself and see a mirror like reflection from the cypress brewed “sweet tea” water as we like to call it.

The pinks, reds, purples and oranges will leave you and your crew in a state of nirvana. This tour is great for those newlyweds, and established couples, who really want to capture a romantic sunset moment. It just can not be beat. Even if you aren’t a newlywed this tour will be packed with a fun adventure and complimentary exquisite view to boot. While on this tour you will be guaranteed many “Insta-worthy” shots. 


 -Jack Hannigan


Give the Gift of Adventure


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