Where to stay on a budget in Myrtle Beach

Eclipse 2017
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Where to stay on a budget in Myrtle Beach


Looking for a place to stay in South Carolina for Eclipse 2017?


Eclipse 2017 is coming on August 21st and there won’t be another one in the USA until 2024. Myrtle Beach will see the eclipse at greater than 90% its totality. That means the moon will pass over the sun leaving less than 10% of the sun visible. It’s estimated that the areas where the eclipse will be at 100% totality the cities will be packed and hotels going for hundreds! Imagine $600 for a Motel 6?!

Instead, why not stay outside the madness and see the Eclipse from Myrtle Beach? Or get a place in Myrtle and then make the short drive down to Charleston. You may hit traffic though so leave early. To see the Eclipse in full you only have to be within the black dot on this map. For a partial eclipse you want to be in the first shaded area:


Which is why we recommend seeing it from here in Myrtle Beach. If your traveling down here to see it you might be looking for a place to stay. This is my recommended and favorite hotels/campgrounds in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to let me know if you want to do a Paddleboard tour or Kayak tour during Eclipse 2017! (More on that coming next week).


$20-$80 | Go Camping and sleep under the stars!


Myrtle Beach State Park is literally right next to us. It’s really beautiful and super cheap to camp there. Lots of tree coverage for your campsite, and trails to hike/bike through. Plus it backs right up to the beach and is only a 10-minute walk from us.

There’s also a strip of campgrounds with in a 5-minute drive of us. There’s Lakewood Campground, Pirateland Campground, and the KOA.

The Myrtle Beach KOA is just up the street from us. They offer lots of fun and activities for the entire family, including pets. It has two playgrounds, an outdoor movie cinema, a ‘kampfire’ theater, and even hay wagon rides. The tent campsites are shady and scattered among trees. They also have cabins and RV campsites.

$100-200 | The Cheaper Hotels


I’ll be honest Best Western Plus Grand Strand Inn and Suites is probably one of the cheaper ones as far as I know and they have great ratings. I know the owner, great guy, used to be best friends with his son in high school. They are very close to us. Has two hotel buildings with many different room types, but also cottages and penthouses.

Breakers Resort or Dunes Village Resort are also great and they wouldn’t be too bad on price. Dunes has an awesome indoor waterpark too, including a 250-foot long river ride.

$200+ | Splurge! A Resort Right on the Ocean


Check out the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes. That place is amazing. It’s by far one of the best-ranked resorts in the area. Get a room with an ocean view, you’ll never forget it. The Marriott a couple of great restaurants too, and the most epic pool set up of all times. Actually! It’s where my wife and I had our first kiss while we were dating.

$250+ | If you have the coin, this is where you go!


North Beach Plantation, Such a nice place! It resembles Atlantis (the famous resort in the Bahamas) with a huge suspended penthouse. Looks amazing! Definitely, if you have some coin this is where you go. The amenities are fantastic here. Also within minutes of great shopping, food, and fun. 21 Main is one of the best ranked fine dining restaurants in town. There’s also Greg Normans Australian Grille which is known here to be one of the best and fanciest upscale steak house… $$$ expensive as crap! Barefoot landing and the house of blues are also right across the street.


How to See the Eclipse from Myrtle Beach


The Eclipse will partially begin on 21 August at 1:16PM (EST) and totality will start at 2:46PM (EST). It will be visible for approximately 90 seconds.

We’ll be doing a special Paddleboard tour and Kayak tour for the Eclipse. Beat the crowds and enjoy a peaceful float. Check back in with us next week on our Facebook and here for more information. You will not want to miss this opportunity. The next eclipse to pass over the USA will be in 2024, and the next one to pass over South Carolina won’t be until 2045.



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