Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach?

Planning a Trip to Myrtle Beach?

Planning a trip to good ol’ Myrtle Beach this spring or summer? With so many things to do around here how do you choose? If you have kids looking for something fun and memorable I’ll make it real easy for you. Surfing! Wait, surfing in Myrtle Beach? Yep, you read that correctly. The surf in Myrtle Beach is surprisingly perfect for the first time or novice surfer.

Fact: The average waves in Myrtle Beach during spring and summer are about 1-3 feet which is right in that sweet zone for a beginner surfer. So what makes that a good size range? Well I’m glad you asked. Simply put, waves are energy. The bigger the wave, the bigger the energy. The bigger the energy, the bigger the risk. The bigger the risk… well you saw the movie “Chasing Mavericks,” right? It didn’t exactly end well. Here’s the gist, waves right in the 1-3 ft zone is smooth sailing. You have plenty of energy in the wave to paddle in, catch it, ride it and even work it. Waves much bigger than 3ft for a novice surfer will keep them from progressing quite as fast in the beginning of their surf career.

It’s kind of like the training wheels on a bike analogy. Think back to the first time you ever rode a bike. If you were anything like me, you needed those two dinky little plastic peices of so-called wheels to keep you balanced. Remember? But as you look back do you recall the unmatched joy and feeling of accomplishment you had your first day on a bike? It was incredible! And it was all you knew until… you took the training wheels off. You spent the whole day in a full pillow suit with dad running frantically next to you waiting to catch you from near death. We’re all lucky to be alive. Well that is surfing Myrtle Beach. It’s a place where you can catch your first wave. It a safe place where you don’t have to experience the anxiety of sharp coral reef, two wave hold downs or mean grueling localism. It’s a place you can surf for years to come if you want. And heck if you get enough balance, ditch the training wheels and head to some “real waves” in Hawaii. Point is, surfing in Myrtle Beach could be the start of something great in your life or in the life of you kids.

I’ve been surfing here since age 13 when my older sister Cassidy decided to drag me out into the waves. I remember catching my first wave and just riding it on my stomach all the way in. I’ll never forget that day and it changed my life forever. Since that day my “training wheels” have come off but I’ll never stop surfing the place where it all began, Myrtle Beach.

-Jack Hannigan
Owner, Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals of Myrtle Beach, SC

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