Shark Free Myrtle Beach Activities – Sharkbanz Now Available

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Shark Free Myrtle Beach Activities – Sharkbanz Now Available

One Simple Trick To Avoid Getting Bit By A Shark

“My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.” -Bethany Hamilton

As surfers of the Myrtle Beach area for over 75 years combined by our surf instructors and staff we have never had an encounter here with a shark that has threatened our safety or any of our students safety. As true as it is, we realize that it’s still not enough assurance for some. So here’s to those who can never be more protected.

With the recent turbulence sharks have been stirring up in the media we figured we would introduce a solution to allow our guests (and anyone else interested for that matter) a little more peace of mind.

With the 8 shark attacks that have happened in just under a two week span, we have noticed a decline in surf related interest and we can could not be more understanding of that. Although none of the attacks have taken place within 50 miles of our surfing location we want to introduce an opportunity for people to cast away their fear and return to the water they so love. As Jack says, “Vacation is too short to not spend it in the water.” So how can we make that happen if we are still afraid of sharks? Is there a solution?

Introducing Sharkbanz

Crazy enough, the technology exists. It’s called Sharkbanz. A little over a year ago Sharkbanz was developed by a father and son right here in South Carolina. Since the products conception, it’s been heavily tested by scientists and has actually proven to protect surfers, swimmers and divers in the water from an attack. The product uses a patented magnetic technology that interferes with sharks’ electro-receptors. In murky shallow waters (the types of waters we see on the carolina coast) sharks use their receptors as a way to see what is in front of them. They can judge distance, shape, and even heartbeat. Sharks generally attack when they cannot identify an object and want to find out what it is. These are called “hit and run” attacks and are the most common. Sharkbanz equates what a shark feels when interacting with this magnet to something very similar to when somebody suddenly shines a bright light into your eyes. It immediately deters the shark away.

Contact us here or call us at (843) 647-7471 to learn more and buy your Sharkbanz today!

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